I'm a geek, a teacher and scientist.

Currently, I'm attending Michigan State University where my graduate work focuses on finding the genetic underpinnings of weediness. I work on Raphanus raphanistrum (that's radishes), and I'm comparing the genomes of crop radish, weedy radish and (non-weedy) wild radish to see what genes differ between ecotypes.

I write/code in R, LaTeX, Markdown, and BASH with gusto, Python when pressed, and dabble in make, Rst, html, sql, and whatever else seems interesting at the time.

I have a dual B.A. in Biochemistry and Criminal Justice from Olivet College

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When I'm not at work, I can frequently be found at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, MI where I do educational programming, train raptors to sit on glove for presentations, and train people to handle the raptors.

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I also like to decorate pastries and wear silly hats